• Eilers Business International stands for
    The wellfare
    Of its animals.
  • Eilers Business International is an
    International company
    And currently has a partnership with three agriculture companies.
  • Our animals are
    Always free in nature
    In herds whereby they have no stress.

The most important things for Eilers Business are Wellfare. Health. Nature.

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Business Wellbeef

Beef from wellcared animals

Wellbeef is honest organic meat from a real beef cow: "The Hereford". The organic beef of the Hereford cow is known for his high quality meat. The cows are all year outside , are exclusively grass-fed and have a nice and free life in a nature!

Business Agrofarma Turiec

Breeding the beautiful cow "Hereford"

Since 2015, 120 hectares of mountain meadow is adapted by Agrofarma Turiec for grazing cattle. In 2016, 60 Hereford cows and 55 Scottish Highlanders are grazing in the fields. Every day we checked 2 times on health and wellness. Eilers Business is a participant with 34 pedigree Herefords and 25 Scottish Highlanders.

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Business Hendriks

Keeping "Herefords"

The company was originally a chicken processing factory and has diverted its activities to holding "Herefords." The reason of is that there are over 200 hectares of land available for grazing and there are enough people who knows traditional to deal with these animals. The coming years, all activities will include obtaining as many leased land and breeding of a herd of Herefords. The animals will be sold to other farmers living in Bulgaria.

The Hereford cow

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Hans Eilers

Director of Eilers-Business International

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My name is Hans Eilers and I live in the Netherlands (Apeldoorn) and Hungary (Mekenyes). My passion of animals ( and especially of the Hereford cow) has made that 'Eilers Business International' has a cooperation with companies in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

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  • Address: middachten 14, 7339JG, Ugchelen

  • Telephone: +31 (0) 615852389

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